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We specialize in complete janitorial services for all types of commercial facilities such as business offices, corporate headquarters, high rises, telemarketing centers, churches, restaurants, medical and dental facilities, schools and vocational centers, manufacturing offices, and light industrial businesses. It is through effective communication and timely responses to your requests, that we will ensure we are meeting all of your building service needs.The best results are acquired from quality products.  We use only the highest-quality cl eaning products and are consistently keeping abreast of new product development and equipment in the marketplace.

Your Needs -- Our Concern

Economy:  Our service is actually less expensive than an in-house service staff.  The expense of hiring crews and a supervisor, training on procedures and the proper use of supplies, paying insurance, vacations and benefits, and, worrying about record keeping and supply inventory is eliminated.

Sanitation:  We will sanitize your restrooms thoroughly each visit and disinfect your phones regularly.  You will have a sense of safety from communicable disease when your restrooms and phones are sanitized and your facility is professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Appearance:  We will work with you to make sure your facility is shown in the best light.  We will improve and maintain the overall appearance of your facility, enabling you to favorably impress your customers, visitors, employees and competition.  Special attention is always paid to the lobby, conference and training rooms and restrooms.

Availability:  We value an open line of communication with our client.  To insure this, we provide 24-hour hot-line service, enabling you to be in touch with us at a moments notice.

Satisfaction:  Our work is 100% guaranteed, and a quality-control representative will routinely check on the service you will be receiving.  We carefully recruit our people for ambition, trustworthiness, dependability and attention to detail -- people who will service your facility to your defined specifications.  We are flexible and will do our very best to accommodate your desires.  Customer Satisfaction Surveys are included with each invoice and any issues or special requests are acted upon immediately.       

Thorough carpet cleaning is provided through state-of-the-art, hi-powered, truck-mounted, steam-extraction equipment.  Additional services include:                          

  • Anti-static treatment                 
  • Upholstery Cleaning        
  • Scotch guard treatment 

Hard-surface floors are maintained to protect your investment in your floor as well as to insure your floors look their best.  Floor services include:                    

  • Stripping and refinishing                              
  • Scrubbing and recoating                              
  • Burnishing and restoring                             
  • Ceramic and grout scrubbing                              
  • Concrete sealing       

  Floor programs can be set up to match your business requirements, or can be done on-call as needed.We offer a full-line of paper products, cleaning products and dispensers.  Our prices are very competitive and we offer free delivery.  Almost any specialty item can be ordered including walk-off mats.  To make your life easier, your cleaning crew will monitor your inventory and alert you before your supplies are depleted.   

 As a value-added service to our janitorial clients, we offer
Handy-man services
that include, but are not limited to:          

  • Lightbulb and ballast changes                             
  • Air filter changes                            
  • Minor building repairs                           
  • Light plumbing repairs               
  • Professional, interior and exterior window-washing services are available on a schedule to meet your business needs, or on-call as needed.      
  • Day time restroom tidy and touchup                              
  • Lunchroom/kitchen cleanup                              
  • Collect debris around outside of building     

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning both preserve and protect your blinds from build-up. Every few years, you may want to have your blinds thoroughly cleaned.  We offer ultrasonic blind cleaning that will clean the slats, ladders, cords and mechanisms of your blinds.  The ultrasonic machine cleans by the use of sound waves in water, similar to jewelry cleaning.  Millions of scrubbing bubbles gently removes all dust, dirt, allergens, grease and grime.  Ultrasonic cleaning eliminates tedious hand cleaning that only smears dirt.  We will remove the blinds, take them to our shop and re-hang them sparkling clean -- usually the same day.  The cleaning process restores the original finish, color and operating ease of the blinds.        

Parking-Lot Sweeping to enhance presentation for your customers. Many companies have been contracting with an additional company for parking-lot sweeping.  You can simplify by contracting several, varied services through one company -- Associated Professional Services.

Give us the opportunity to prove our professionalism.  We will take as much pride in your building as you do!

Serving the greater Phoenix metropolitan area

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